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Ingrid Artus


Rubyfish health risk solutions provide interventions to assist companies to increase productivity, employee well-being and staff retention. We achieve this through education aimed at primary prevention and early disease detection, psychosocial and medical assessments as well as individual and company status reports.

Rubyfish Health Risk Solutions are registered health professionals specialising in training and promoting awareness in the fields of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Hypertension, Diabetes and Stress.

Benefits to your company:

Companies can benefit from the services provided by rubyfish in the following ways:

* Increased productivity
* Lowered absenteeism due to health education and early health risk detection and intervention.
* Decreased staff replacement and re-training costs
* Increased health risk prevention and illness management due to increased knowledge regarding health risks amongst employers and employees
* Increased worker morale due to correct information on various diseases and disease management options

Rubyfish advantage:

Rubyfish offers comprehensive health risk solutions. Companies can tailor-make packages to integrate education with psychosocial and medical assessments.

We do not stop with assessments, but also provide companies and individuals with confidential reports on the results as well as providing recommendations for future health related planning.


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