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Sandy Voortman


What is Guitar 4 All (GFA)?

* Guitar 4 All is an accelerated-learning course guaranteed to get you playing!
* Guitar 4 All offers 6 levels (courses) of group tuition (Absolute beginners to Advanced).
* Each course runs for 12 weeks.
* Students come to an hour-long group lesson every week.
* Each class has two professional teachers to call on for assistance at any time!

7 Adult Courses to choose from: Beginners - Advanced

Absolute beginners you have nothing to fear! The beginners course is aimed at turning the ABSOLUTE beginner into a decent guitar player.

* So youve played a bit? Not sure which course to join? Let our Pros give you a free assessment to ensure that you get onto the appropriate level.
* Our courses are designed logically, to help you progress as a guitar player from one level to the next.

2 Courses for children: Level 1 and Level 2

Teaching materials

GFA provides students with tuition notes on a weekly basis (in class) and the appropriate course CD (our specially designed audio support program) for each level

Why is the course effective and fun?

Anybody can learn to play guitar hence our name: Guitar 4 All. You dont have to be a rocket scientist! You just need to be taught how to play in language you can understand!

* We have an extremely practical, laymans approach to teaching guitar. Thats why we get results!
* Yes, we do teach music theory on our more advanced courses, but we refuse to allow it to terrify and intimidate our beginner players into giving up after their first lesson! Our goal here is to get the students playing first, i.e. to give them a feel for the instrument.
* Once they can actually play a bit on the guitar, the theory becomes easier to understand in terms of its practical application.
* Courses are extremely social and fun. Friends are made and students often form their own jamming groups.
* The course co-ordinators organise evenings out (field trips) to expose the students to some of their favourite guitarists.
* At the end of every 3-month semester the students perform (on a voluntary basis) at the Guitar 4 all students concert. We encourage our students to get on stage, and put into practice what theyve learned in class!

How we teach:

* You come to class once a week for an hour-long group lesson, over a period of 12 weeks. Select a day and time-slot that suits you. Generally lessons are repeated twice a week, which offers you the added advantage of being able to attend an alternative timeslot for whatever reasons. This is very convenient should you miss a lesson.
* In each class you have two teachers who work with the students, so nobody gets left behind. Dont you worry we watch you like hawks!
* The Course CD acts as your 24-hour teacher when you are away from the classroom. All the techniques taught in the classroom are explained and demonstrated on the CD.
* The Course CD contextualises all the lessons we teach in the class, by getting the student to apply a specific technique to a specific song. In effect, it supplies the playing field for the students to apply what they have learnt from their teachers.
* The Course CD acts as a permanent reference. It can be used for the revision of techniques at any time.
* Because Guitar 4 All courses have the group dynamic the individual student works harder during the week, to keep up with his or her class mates. Theres nothing like a bit of healthy competition

About the creators of the Guitar 4 all concept

GFA is the brainchild of two WORKING musicians, Sandy Voortman and Pete Stanford, who come from rather different musical backgrounds. Its this diversity which is the strength of GFA. Because of their collective, diverse real-world musical experience, they have a lot that they can teach their students.

Guitar4all Mission statement:

Guitar4all an interactive, professionally designed guitar tuition course for ALL guitar playersthe only way to learn to play!

Who the lessons are geared for:

Absolute beginners
Well get you playing your guitar in 12 weeks! Two professional guitar teachers will guide you through the Beginners phase, to get you up and running. Everything we teach you in class is explained and demonstrated on our Audio CD support program your 24 hour teacher to use at home! Playing along with the CD is like jammin with your very own band!

Beyond Beginners
Guitar4all offers 5 more logically linked courses (12 weeks each) to get you out of that rut and turn you into good guitar players. Give us a call (or email) and well give you a free assessment, to see which course level you should join.

Most importantly
Guitar playing is meant to be fun! Our group classes will introduce you to people who play on the same level as you. Youll be jammin along together and making musical buddies in no time!

About the Guitar4all Teachers

Johannesburg Teachers

A performing, classically trained guitarist. He has 19 years of teaching experience as well as eperience in solo and duet live classical guitar performances. Also sheds his "Classical" skin, by getting down and playing in Original rock and folk bands. He's recorded with his band and has a diploma in sound engineering.

Val Small bagan guitar when he was 13 and performed at various venues during his high school days. His official musical career began by studying guitar and piano as part of a Diploma in Jazz at Natal Technicon. For the last five years Val has been teaching professionally as well as being contracted out as a sessional lead guitarist for various solo artists. Val joined Guitar4all two years ago as an official teacher and now teaches all levels.

Pippa started her music career with studies on the piano and violin and went on to complete a Bachelor of Primary Education with music as a major. Her primary focus was children's music education. She is currently furthering her studies by completing an Honours Degree in Music. As a previous Guitar4All student, Pippa uses her knowledge of the Guitar4All Method to teach our children's courses.

Cape Town Teachers

A performing Rock and Blues guitarist, with 18 years of professional gigging and session playing experience. Also enjoys playing steel string acoustic guitar. He has a teaching degree and loves teaching in groups. He writes, sings and performs original material with various project bands and runs a recording studio from home


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