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Crystal Essencecc with Karen Blair

Inspiring Brilliance in People Globally"

Crystal Essence (2004) focuses on developing and inspiring individuals to rediscover their Brilliance, appreciate their self-worth and unleash their creativity.

Everyone is faced with challenging pain or stress experiences in their lives including; rejection, divorce, death, uncertainty, disillusionment, peer acceptance, drug or alcohol addictions & ineffective communication.

Crystal Essence gives you the opportunity to transform your pain into a positive experience, see your own bigger picture and live a purposeful life!

Karen Blair

In 1989 I attained a BA degree in social sciences and in 1992 a Management Advanced Programme (MAP)diploma at Wits Business School. I am an experienced Personal Development Counsellor & Workshop Facilitator and have extensive knowledge & Insight into people dynamics. For the past 8 years I have participated in over 30 intensive Personal Development Workshops including; Self Mastery 1-10, Joy Spring, Turning Point, The Journey and Dr DeMartinis workshops. Having experienced difficult and traumatic experiences in my own personal life, I am able to offer valuable assistance, understanding, guidance and compassion for the many challenging situations which affect peoples lives.

The Meaning of Crystal Essence

Crystal symbolises a clear and Sparkling Gem, Sparkling signifies giving off light in brilliant glittering flashes. Essence symbolises the perfect form, qualities or nature of something.
Crystal Essence A clear light in Perfect Form

My Inspiration

Our daughter Jasmine Elizabeth Blair, born with Down Syndrome on the 16th of August 2006 is my greatest inspiration. With her arrival in our lives we were awakened to the absolute perfection and potential of all human being. She was by far the most amazing and aware baby I had ever encountered. My husband and I only ever saw her as whole and beautiful, as did my friends and family and anyone who met her. In May 2007 we shared a month in Thailand, she was like a movie star, complete strangers wanted to see her, hold her, and be in her presence. I was amazed by the love people shared with this very special little girl and the absolute love and awareness she shared with each soul she met. When we returned from our trip she became ill and unfortunately never recovered. On the 15th of August 2007 our beautiful little angel passed over, and her unconditional love and absolute beauty remain intact. My mission is to share her wonderful gift of unconditional love with people around the world by inspiring brilliance in children, teenagers and adults from all walks of life.


Count your blessings daily, for there is so much to be grateful for. Often we are so fixated on what we dont have that we completely miss all the amazing gifts and blessings life has to offer. We are continuously faced with the streams of life; With life comes death, and with death comes Life. Life is incredibly short and we have so much to live for. Start living your life today! Make every moment count, for who knows what tomorrow may bring!!

My Vision

Heal the people locally and internationally by inspiring young and old to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.


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