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For all your Ornamental designs sand carved/blasted on mirrors and glass including: -Windows ~ Glass table tops ~ Any glassware ~ Doors ~ Mirrors ~ Trophies ~ Logos. Your own design. Situated in sunny Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Terry Hayden established Hayden Craft in 1982, since then it has developed into a successful family business.

The husband and wife team along with their highly skilled and trained staff have produced work for many well known people and businesses in South Africa over the years, including hand carved glass trophies for the former president Nelson Mandela.

Their unique style and personal attention given to each piece of work makes for excellence, as they turn it into a masterpiece. Years of international teaching and training have served the Hayden's well. This family business manage to keep up with world trends by regularly traveling to the major glass shows held in Europe, returning to South Africa with their new and innovative ideas, applying their expertise and knowledge to enhance almost anything concerning glass.


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