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Runnin Rebels Soccer:

Revolutionizing the way in which we promote and develop our children through the greatest game in the world soccer.

Runnin Rebels Soccer School-- Mission and Concept:
Our Mission:

To inspire, encourage and empower youth through participation in world class soccer events. Runnin Rebels Soccer will provide world class facilities where all youth will be welcome as equal participants while they develop as leaders and responsible citizens in their community.

Runnin Rebels Soccer kids will strive for excellence in all of the soccer events, within the greater context of striving for excellence as people, by practicing honesty, integrity, teamwork and commitment to education, family and community.

The Runnin Rebels Soccer Concept:

We are dedicated to combining inclusiveness with access to world class sports facilities. Runnin Rebels Soccer founders are passionate about providing top facilities, which in the past were for the exclusive use of middle to upper class families, to all our youth. This was due to the simple reality of economic demographics and the relative cost of facilities, equipment and participation. Runnin Rebels Soccer believes it is possible to change that reality.

Our vision goes beyond providing unique and equal sports opportunities for youth. We will be working towards making Runnin Rebels Soccer a place for our kids to come and be in a safe social environment, while developing through the greatest game in the world, soccer.

Studies have shown that after-school hours, from three to six in the evening, represent a pivotal time for children. By far the greatest percentage of high-risk behaviours, such as substance abuse, crime and teen pregnancy, take place during these hours after school and before many parents return from work. We will invite kids to be here during these hours even if they are not playing or practicing. Whether it is sports or socializing that brings them to Runnin Rebels Soccer, they will be in a safe and engaging environment that provides an alternative to high risk behaviour.

Runnin Rebels Soccer Events:

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Soccer Development
Soccer Camps
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Financial Assistance

At Runnin Rebels Soccer we strive to offer the best in soccer development for kids of all ages and abilities regardless of their economic background. The training methods offered in our programs are a combined effort of professional coaches with a love of the worlds game and an interest in seeing each child develop with confidence and success.

Professional people will be involved in the Runnin Rebels Soccer to run different seminars - for example:

A nutrition seminar With the busy schedule of families and the constant on the go pressure to get from one place to the next, it can be hard to develop a pattern of healthy eating and snacking habits for young kids. As players mature and grow their nutritional needs become more and more important to their overall success.

One of the philosophies of the Runnin Rebels Youth Development Centre program is to help each player maximize their potential, both on and off the field. The fueling of your childs body for sport nutritional seminar is designed to provide parents with some extra information on how to help your young athlete make healthy, well balanced food choices.


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