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Heidi Twilley


We're in the business of changing the world one child at a time. Kindermusik International is the world's leading publisher of music and movement curricula for parents and their children, ages newborn to 7 years old.

More than 5,000 licensed educators use the Kindermusik curricula in 66 countries, reaching 1 million families.

Join us now, and become part of a fast growing Kindermusik family in South Africa. Kindermusik South Africa was started by Heidi Twilley in 1997.

Kindermusik is a thoughtful choice for seven magnificent, musical years. The different Kindermusik programs represent the highest quality in educational, musical and artistic content all based on the latest early childhood development research. Each program introduces your child to the adventure of music then moves at his/her pace, pausing to engage his/her interests, nurture his/her gifts and celebrate his/her discoveries. Kindermusik involves you in each step of your child's musical learning and gives you and him/her the time and tools to bring the power of music into your home and into his/her life forever.


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