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Why was this programme designed?

Sport plays an important role in children's lives. This programme is designed to give children the opportunity to experience a whole range of sports and to get a feel for which sports they really enjoy. The beginning of the programme is designed to give the children all the basic skills they will need to do most sports. Later on the programme becomes more sport specific and the children get a feel for they way in which each game is played. This is very important because as children enter Primary School they need to choose a sport and with the exposure they have during the Kidi-Sportz programme they are able to make an informed decision.

How is this programme different from all the others?

* The first and most important point is that children do not repeat the same lesson in a term. This gives the child variety and keeps their interest.
* Parents do not need to spend money on a variety of activities as this programme exposes the children to all sports for example soccer, hockey, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, rugby and many more.
* There is contact made with the schoolteacher to inform them of the progress the child has made.
* A report is written once a year to keep both parents and teachers up to speed with the child's development.
* Franchisees meet termly to update the programme.
* The children pass a badge test at the end of the year.
* We concentrate on a positive approach and ensure that each child feels like a winner.
* There are only 10 children in each class and this allows for attention to detail.
* The classes are centered on fun filled lessons with maximum activity levels.
* Our classes run for 45 minutes, which gives us a longer time to make sure that each child benefits sufficiently from the class.

How the Kidi-Sportz programme began?
The Kidi-Sportz programme was designed by Abigail Ann Botha. Abby is a qualified pre-primary teacher, a level 2 gymnastic coach and provincial judge. She has been involved in teaching many extra mural sports at school such as swimming, hockey, netball and tennis. She is currently teaching a Grade 00 class and running her own successful Kidi-Sportz franchise. She has also been involved in educating and running courses for other teachers concentrating on improving gross motor activities and low muscle tone in children.

Kidi-Sportz is associated with Moms and Tots Workshops, founded in 1992.


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