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Shimmer Middle Eastern Dance Studio

Bringing the passion of the 'mystic east' to South Africa, Shimmer Middle Eastern Dance Studio, and the ancient art of belly dance, offer women an unparalleled chance to rediscover their inner beauty and reawaken their sensual spirit.

Evoke the magic and mystique of the sensual Ancient East in your own life. Discover that sexy inner goddess whos just longing to show herself- and have a blast at the same time! Re-energize not only your body but your mind as well. Fitness, figure or age dont matter, theres something for everyone.

Whether its personal participation or just the joy of watching, women of all walks of life can find something to enjoy in this graceful artform.

Shimmer, since it first opened its doors in 2003, has grown from strength to strength, headed by Amira, who has been dancing professionally since 2000 and holds some of the Bellydancing Association of South Africas highest teaching qualifications.

Members of Shimmer have appeared on stage in its own productions as well as taking part as guest artists in the Annual Bellydance Jamboree in Parkwood, the Belly Dance Festival of South Africa and many other projects.

Since the introduction of the new graded system by the B.D.A.S.A [in hopes of contributing to the improvment of the general quality of S.A bellydance] members of the studio regularly take part in Association exams, gaining spectacular results. Studio members range in age from seven to sixty, and come from all cultures and walks of life, proving once again that you dont need to be identical to share a common passion.

The studio also boasts its own performance group, In Harems Way, who offer slick, professional and sophisticated performances for corporate, charity and private functions across the country and internationally, dancing to much acclaim wherever they perform.


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