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The National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa - NEMISA came into being as an institution of education and learning, specializing in teaching the production and technical skills applicable to the TV, radio and broadcasting industries. Formed as part of a government initiative in 1998, its fundamental purpose was to train previously disadvantaged individuals, particularly women, and equip them with the skills necessary to play significant roles in the broadcasting environment. NEMISA operates from a modern office and studio complex centrally situated in Parktown, Johannesburg.

Now, it is clear, that with the ongoing evolution of technologies, new priorities have emerged, for which new types of creator-technicians are required. These individuals are critical to South Africas role in the digital age, and in order to provide these talents NEMISA will itself have to change, radically, adopting a new mandate and moulding a new NEMISA.

The newly revitalized institute will now offer meaningful, targeted, relevant coursework covering the entire spectrum of the production activities serving the converging technologies for digital content production. It will offer training in all the disciplines essential in the emerging world where video, sound, graphics, animation, telephony and data meet in the merger of computers, satellites, television and Internet. It is this mix of communications matter that is broadly labelled "Convergence", and which holds the key to a large part of our future.

Introduction to New Nemisa:

One may ask why an organization of just 8 years standing would have a need to renew itself by way of as radical a makeover as the one embarked on by NEMISA.

I well remember, as a young boy, paging through a magazine, and coming across an article on famous posters. One of these was the US war recruitment poster featuring a stern-faced Uncle Sam, his arm pointing out towards the reader, above the headline "Your Country Needs You!". And in many respects I think we are in a very similar situation in South Africa now. This country quickly needs to assemble and train the officer corps of the elite communications force that will lead the nation into the digital multimedia age rapidly opening up before it. We owe it to our people to put our best team forward in the intricate task of mastering the complex and delicate techniques of new and emerging technologies; to develop people with multi-skills, and to use these skills for the progress of the people and the nation.

And if thats not enough incentive, we must bear in mind that practically the whole of Africa looks to South Africa to set the digital pace that will ensure that our continent does not lag behind as the pace heats up.

This is what the new NEMISA is determined to do. It is a radical demand, and radical measures are required to fulfil it.

Despite the eminence of many of our countrys educational institutions, there is no organization devoted to hands-on tuition of the intricacies and significance of emerging digital communications technologies. Nor is it an easy course to chart, since its a little like planning to regularly score a bulls-eye on a constantly moving target.

That is why this must be, of necessity, an interim indication of intent. It is not definitive and possibly never will be. Yes, there will be finesses, but we cannot allow that to deflect the impetus behind our mission. There will never be a better time to act than now.

That is why I urge all young people with communications talents to give serious consideration to devoting their lives to some significant aspect of the production of content for digital multimedia; whether the medium be TV, radio, internet, mobile telephony, animation, or any of the many other streams now converging to form the digital present and future.

Vuyo Makaya, Chief Operating Officer

Nemisa Strategy:

Experience has taught us that when we make a film or a TV series, no matter where we are in the world, we require the guidance and expertise of both a Director and a Producer. From the one we will draw creative inspiration to push the limits of our knowledge and our inventiveness, and from the other we will learn the practicalities of our project, its financial limitations and the scope of its purpose and objectives. As the old saying has it, "you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear".

But wait, in this digital age, you can, in fact, make a silk purse from a cunningly contrived assembly of pixels, and make it fit for the pocket of a digital prince. But even then there is a price to pay, and therefore, a budget.

Our strategy is to turn NEMISA into a fountainhead of digital inspiration, but always linked to sound practicalities and financial responsibility.

We will achieve this by developing the best, most practical courses in all relevant subjects. We will access successful coursework through linkages and partnerships, wherever possible. We will be constantly alert to technological change and its implications for our courses. We will deliver these courses, with sensitivity and understanding, through the medium of the most experienced, expert and intuitive teachers in the industry. And we will select students with the greatest potential to take advantage of these courses, and so enabled, march into the multimedia industry, justly confident of being able to make an immediate and meaningful impact.

Our tactics will consist of the promotion of a culture of excellence in everything that NEMISA is involved in. We will tirelessly encourage the pursuit of excellence and regularly reward it.

And we will do this is the way that is recommended and encouraged by stated government policy and relevant government departments.

If all this sounds simple, it is because that is the way we are approaching it. Part of our mission is to simplify these seemingly complex subjects. If your interest is in achieving excellence, you are warmly invited to join us.

Peter de Klerk, CEO


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