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Soldering SA Solutions offers professional training, facilitating and consulting on the highest level. Many people do not possess the knowledge of soldering and what it entails. The training I offer, gives the individual the opportunity to learn and experience soldering first-hand. The training I provide is in line with the SA government's skills drive and has been brought in line with both the ISETT-SETA and MERSETA Unit standards. I am an OD-ETDP assessor and facilitator ready for SETA/SAQA.

With regards to training/coaching/lecturing, I embrace the integrated approach which consists of an in-depth IPC-A-610 revision coupled with (how to apply) JEDEC-ANSI- 001 standard. I also firmly believe in the interactive training methodology between trainer and trainee. The style is participative rather than lecturing only.

SA local skills development: Soldering Techniques and QA

- By local Outcomes Based Educator, Trainer and Development Practitioner.
- In line with government SETA/SAQA, ISETT, MERSETA
- Tax deductible.
- Hands-on, effective, up to date.
- Aligned with IPC (international) and TSI (UK). Trainer is IPC certified.

Who does the training?

- A qualified and certified IPC (CIT) trainer.
- Also qualified by TSI (UK): advanced, level instructor class A
- Completed the full OD-ETDP (Outcomes Directed Education, Training and Development

Practitioner) course with In-Tuition, Wynberg Cape Town. Accredited by the SETAs.


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