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Khanyisa Real Systems delivers ICT consulting and software development services to businesses and government departments across Southern Africa - as partners identifying and realizing the right solutions at the right cost. Founded in 1987, KRS employs over 50 staff at its offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

KRS draws on its long experience of low-risk models to manage projects and accelerate delivery with a high degree of time and cost predictability - results expected from a family of mature, repeatable and measurable processes.

Whether developing enterprise-class database systems, Windows desktop software or large-scale web applications in Java and Open Source, KRS employs the same proven software engineering disciplines, component frameworks and quality management techniques to deliver the stability and scalability our clients have come to rely on.

And KRS is about empowerment. Not mere tokenism but true empowerment that harnesses innovation to address the needs of our communities, our country and our continent. Empowerment to spread knowledge and information to all our people: in any place, at any time.


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