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Training at the Cape Audio College is an awesome experience for sound-minded individuals. As the oldest and most established audio institute in South Africa, our state of the art teaching techniques and world class production facilities help our students to reach a degree of excellence which is unmatched anywhere in the country. Graduates from the college are currently making waves in the steadily-growing audio industry both nationally and internationally.

College Facilities:

The Cape Audio College utilizes 13 studios and workstations for all practical assignments carried out by the students. We feel it is vital that students have access to, and experience using the latest equipment available. Our superior studios are therefore fitted out acoustically and electronically so as to simulate the professional environments our graduates will experience when employed after completing the course.

Having access to such a large selection of work areas ensures that our students will have ample opportunity to obtain the hands-on experience they need to become employable, proficient engineers. These fully equipped music production facilities enable our students to produce world class recordings. In addition, each studio has audio-visual capabilities, and MIDI programming equipment.

In the studios, editing Laboratory and Audio Factory, students will record and produce radio commercials, engineer and create the sound design for various television commercials and movie footage, record, mix and master music productions for CD replication and program music beats and backing tracks using MIDI keyboards and sequencers. Apart from assignments the studio time booked is "free creative time" and students can focus on areas they feel best situated. Students will however get exposure to all facets of audio engineering making them more employable.

All studios and workstations at the Cape Audio College are fitted with Apple Macintosh computers and the latest Pro-tools hardware and software.

The Cape Audio College is just waiting to hear from you. In fact, we'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to our premises where you can tour our facilities, and discuss the finer workings of our courses and the audio industry in detail. Call us during the week to make an appointment, or e-mail us if you require copies of our prospectus and course details by mail.


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