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The Steyns Culinary School, situated in Hatfield, Pretoria, is an unique educational establishment in that it endeavours to create opportunities for any person with a love for good food to come and learn how to cook in a hands-on-kitchen.

There are many demonstration kitchens in Gauteng, but few, if any, hands-on-kitchens where the students are able to learn by experience.

In this kitchen, Maritha Steyn will demonstrate and guide the students in acquiring the necessary know-how in order to master the most basic cooking skills, as well as more advanced techniques.

Who are these courses for? In the first place courses will be presented for any person who loves cooking, or has a desire to learn how to cook.

Corporate teambuilding-through-cooking evenings; the training of prospective au pairs; the refining of housewives cooking abilities; the empowerment of unskilled persons; hobby cooking evenings; food-from-around-the-globe courses are all presented here. Students, teens and even children are also catered for.

About Maritha Steyn:

Maritha Steyn received a B. Domestic Science degree from the University of Stellenbosch as well as an Honours degree from the University of Pretoria. She is a member of the South African Chefs Association and is an accredited THETA-assessor.

She has been head of the Department of Hospitality Studies at Pro Arte Alphen Park High School for 10 years. For many years she trained teachers from all over the country to equip them to introduce Hospitality Studies into various schools.

Maritha also played a vital role in establishing the new national curriculum for Hospitality Studies in schools. She is a part time lecturer at the University of Pretoria in Professional Cookery. She has also been examiner and moderator of numerous Hotelkeeping and Hospitality Studies Gr.12 exams. Maritha is a member of the prestigious Chaine Des Rotisseurs in Pretoria.


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