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With over 300 flying days of the year and uncluttered airspace, Westline Aviation undoubtedly offers the best flying conditions in South Africa. Located on the outskirts of Bloemfontein, the capital of the Free State, Westline Aviation provides a tranquil setting with a friendly atmosphere.

We specialise in Helicopter and Fixed-Wing training. Our helicopter sites are free from other air traffic - making for a perfect training environment.

Accommodation is located within close proximity to the airport (5 minutes away).

We own four Cessna C172's , one Piper Cherokee PA28-140/160 and a Mooney M20C, which is mainly used for IF training and CPL prep. We have usage of two Robinson R22's, two Robinson R44's and two Hughes 300s. Other aircraft are also available (e.g. for charter use).

We both own and have access to many facilities such as fuel provision, hangarage & purchase of merchandise. For more information on our resources and facilities, please visit the respective pages.


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