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Vanessa Villioti


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With many years in the Fashion Industry and the experience of taking students from well known colleges for their practical in-house training, Spero Villioti was approached to start a school of fashion, to pass on years of experience in the trade.

Students remarked that they had learned more in three weeks with Spero than in three years at other reputable colleges. Spero realised that there was a lack of quality education in this field, and decided to take on the challenge, offering a very specialised course and focusing on producing graduates with an edge on the competition.

A select few are chosen. These are the most passionate applicants with no prior experience necessary, just a love of fashion.

Their education and training takes place in Spero's workrooms. They are surrounded by a functioning Couture House where they learn the business of fashion, are in touch with client's needs and are inspired to create totally individual garments with a couture finish.

Spero believes that studying in a work environment gives students an advantage over others entering this field as they will have gained vast amounts of experience.


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3rd Floor, South Wing, , Hyde Park Shopping Centre, , Corner William Nicol Drive &, Jan Smuts

Hyde Park


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