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Academy of Learning SA (Pty) Ltd is in the enviable position of being provisionally accredited by UMALUSI, Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training (FET 00351 PA).

Academy of Learning intends to fully comply with future on-going accreditation requirements so that it may enjoy full accreditation and registration with the Department of Education.

Current programmes have already been submitted to the Council for approval and as new programmes are introduced, these will likewise follow the same approval process.

Academy of Learning offers NQF aligned and non-NQF aligned qualifications/programmes.

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Academy of Learning was founded in 1985 as an organisation of colleges specialising in computer and business skills training. Since then, more than 160 centres have opened across Canada as well as in the United States, and in Southern Africa.

Academy of Learning (SA) Pty Ltd is a South African owned and registered company. All Academy of Learning colleges must comply with Government Further Education and Training regulations.

We fulfil the needs of both learners and the business community, by identifying the gap between formal education and the realities of the working world and by developing a customised program for each learner, while meeting the requirements that exist for convenient and effective training, at an affordable cost.

To meet the specialised needs of mature learners, programs are based on the Integrated LearningTM System-a step-by-step competency based method of learning, supported by flexible scheduling. Learning is results-oriented, which allows learners to define what they've learned, and put their new-found skills to work for them immediately. This efficient and cost-effective method has been used to deliver more than one million programs to date.

Academy of Learning is committed to raising today's occupational and training standards, and strives constantly to make lifelong learning a rewarding and viable option for people of all ages and levels of expertise.

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* Philosophy
* Vision Statement
* Mission Statement
* AOL Pledge to Learners
* Information for Corporate Clients
o Corporate Training Licencee
o Effective Approach
o Flexible Training Process
o Competency Based Learning
o Learner Equipment
o Programme Material
o Learner Entry Requirements
* Advantages of the AOL Concept
* Accreditation of Academy of Learning
o Accreditation
o National Qualifications Framework (NQF)
o Unit Standards
o NQF Levels
o Credits
* Affiliations
* Registrations
* National Office Contact Details


At Academy of Learning we will:

* Respond to the dynamics of the ever-changing market with the most relevant, current solutions for our clients/learners.
* Demonstrate a constant commitment to learners success and employability.
* Creatively meet each clients/learners specific requirements through the flexibility and customisation of our Integrated Learning System.
* Provide advice and treat each client and learner with care and sensitivity.
* Maintain visible and meaningful partnerships with our communities.
* Ensure the Integrated Learning System remains the most current, effective learning process.
* Ensure that we meet the highest standards for quality training products, services and delivery.
* Create opportunity for growth and success of Academy of Learning.


Academy of Learning will always be recognised as South Africas most effective and respected learning centre, providing computer, business and career skills.

We are dedicated to improving the productivity and marketability of each client/learner.


At Academy of Learning, we believe the answer to being a professional and competent training provider is support; a strong, relevant curriculum, supported by ongoing research, state-of-the-art equipment, qualified facilitators and an extended network of collegesall of which are supported, in turn, by a dedicated team at National Office.

Members of the team ensure that all aspects of training and product development adhere to a set of uniform standards, which are reviewed and upgraded regularly. They ensure that standards are met and guidelines followed at each location across South Africa, and that quality remains consistent nationwide.

Each potential training college owner is carefully screened, and awarded a college only if he or she meets our strict criteria.

Each exam/assessment written by every learner across the country is assessed according to performance criteria to ensure a consistent standard of proficiency, and to maintain the integrity of programs.


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