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We are extremely proud of our accreditation with Services Seta. We take this recognition of our credentials as a quality training provider seriously.

Our flagship programme PLAIN BUSINESS WRITING forms the basis of all our training. It looks at five basic steps to straightforward writing and is presently aligned to two unit standards:
12441 - Use Basic Writing Skills
(NQF Level 1, 6 credits)
8970 - Write texts for a range of communicative contexts
(NQF Level 3, 5 credits)

Our key strength is our ability to develop training programmes to suit specific needs. As part of the customisation process, we draw up suitable courses around existing unit standards where possible and appropriate.


Business writing, like business dress, has become less stiff and formal.

Why use two words when one will do? Why use long-winded sentences when you could just as easily put your message plainly and simply?

Think of how email communication has revolutionised the way we do business. Without realising it, weve slipped into a modern style of writing thats precise and gets to the point straight away.

Its also more human.

The documents we find easiest to read and respond to are generally written as if the writer was talking to us face-to-face. And just because writing is more colloquial doesnt mean its ok if its peppered with sloppy spelling and grammar mistakes.

Emails, letters, memos and reports are the lifeblood of business. Getting your point across quickly and persuasively is the first step in staying ahead in a competitive business environment.

Remember: It's never too late to go back to school!


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