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Manya Bredell


The School

The Cape Town School of English is a Language school specialising in teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL). We have been in operation since 1991 and accept students from all over the world for English studies. Our students register to do short (2 weeks) or long (six months to 1 year) courses. They come from all parts of the world but mainly from Europe, Africa and the Far East.

We follow the same principles as all international EFL schools and use similar textbooks. We use the Cambridge and Headway books as core textbooks. [If students wish to keep a textbook, they are available for purchase from Oxford and Cambridge University Press, Cape Town.

We are situated outside of the city centre where it is safe for our students and where accommodation is readily available. Our premises are situated in an office building with 5 classrooms, a main office/reception area, a kitchen and staff room. Our classrooms are of varying sizes. In the classrooms we have whiteboards, desks, CD/tape recorders, TV and video facilities.

The Students

Our school is for adult learners who wish to improve or learn English, at all levels. It is not to be compared to a regular school, College or University. On occasion we do accept younger students as well.

We issue a letter of attendance with the level of English achieved but no National Education Certificate. Although we do the preparation tests for Cambridge and TOEFL, these exams are run by the British Council and the American Embassy respectively. We do assist students in the registration of either examination.


Students from certain countries could travel to South Africa on a Holiday visa, this is for a period of 1 3 months and is issued on entry to South Africa. Many other students would need to apply for a study visa. The student should check this with the South Africa Embassy in their home country. Although extensions are given in South Africa, it is best to apply for the full visa before leaving your country. Extensions within S.A. need to be applied for 1 month before the end of their current visa. Details such as medical insurance, a bank statement indicating sufficient funds to remain in S.A., valid flight ticket and passport will be required from the student applying.

Students are accepted at our school at any time of the year and are expected to attend the school regularly for the period of their registration. We close for a period of 3 weeks in December/January each year.


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Morkels Building, 66 Main Rd



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Morkels Building, 66 Main Rd



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