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Recognising that employees become more productive and confident in their role if they continue to keep pace with progress within their fields, Siyanqoba Seminars offers a range of courses and workshops that focus on skills development for individuals and organisations.

For eight years Siyanqoba Seminars has led the market with the widest range of training for Office Professionals in both the private and public sector, and its success is based upon two central pillars:

* Providing learning solutions of the highest possible quality; and
* Focusing on the needs of each individual organisation, together with the individual's career development.

With its growth averaging 42% per annum, Siyanqoba Seminars is one of the fastest developing national training organisations in South Africa and this is as a direct result of the company's belief in high standards for their own as well as their client's organisation.

By providing the highest standards of training quality, customer service and value to their clients, Siyanqoba Seminars continues to maintain high standards within their own organisation. Siyanqoba Seminars appreciates that organisations need to attract, retain, motivate and develop people cost effectively and also see a return on investment in terms of increased performance from staff and for the organisation.

Siyanqoba not only employs the best trainers in their fields, they also remain ahead by using extensive research methods to tailor all courses to the individual as well as the organisation. As a result they are able to select and develop the most appropriate blended learning solutions for each course and workshop that they develop.

With over 20 open courses run in locations throughout South Africa, Siyanqoba Seminars trains thousands of Office Professionals each year and 99,8% of all delegates have said that given the opportunity they would like to attend another Siyanqoba Seminars course in the future.

International Accreditation
Siyanqoba Seminars enjoys national and international accreditation. The organisation is accredited with the Services Seta and is the only training institution endorsed by The Association Office Professionals of SA.

Unique Training Approach
Remaining at the forefront of training through its use of innovative and highly effective delivery methods, the training institution's approach is to fully understand the learning objectives, the delegates' needs and the organisational culture within which delegates operate, then to develop the most effective training solution to meet these needs.

A solid reputation
The quality and reputation of Siyanqoba Seminars' training, trainers and administration have been rated consistently ahead of all other leading competitors and the company continuously seeks to offer delegates and client organisations superior courses and workshops. Siyanqoba Seminars constantly offers the widest range of training available to meet skills development needs across each organisation's departments. To ensure that clients are kept up to speed with international developments their trainers are all professionally selected, ensuring that their own skills remain in touch with their clients' requirements and delegates' needs. Siyanqoba are committed to developing long-term partnerships with clients and to demonstrating their value to ensure they see an increased ROI from their learning and development budget.

Areas of expertise
Siyanqoba Seminars offers three distinct but integrated areas of expertise: public training courses, in-house training and annual symposiums.

Public Training Courses
Siyanqoba Seminars offer the widest range of public courses at venues throughout the country.

In-House Training
Siyanqoba Seminars aims to create a partnership by understanding its clients specific needs through listening and consultation. The training organisation takes time to investigate each organisation's culture and how it works in order to identify the most practical, efficient and cost-effective means of satisfying skills development needs.

In-house services include: familiarisation visits to determine the organisation's culture, expectations and needs; training needs analysis; course design and delivery using world-class trainers; framed certificates for each delegate and a post-course help line for delegates.

Annual Symposiums
In addition to training courses and workshops, Siyanqoba Seminars has also provided high standards of excellence for symposiums such as the SAPRO event. Managed and presented by Siyanqoba, the Secretaries and Administrative Professionals Symposium (SAPRO) brings together close to 1 500 secretaries at venues as diverse as Sun City,the Drakensberg and the Rhapsody Cruise Liner, with the aim of offering secretaries throughout South Africa the opportunity to network and stay abreast on international trends.

Social Responsibility
Siyanqoba Seminars' social responsibility programme aims to cover various fields, namely disability, wildlife and children. For this reason we have chosen the following charities to support in 2005/6:

1. The SA National Council for the Blind
We support the SA National Council for the Blind's Early Childhood Development Programme with annual donations. These donations are put towards establishing and funding facilities to assist with the development of our country's 8 400 blind children.

2. The Endangered Wildlife Fund

Founded in 1973, the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is one of the most effective conservation nongovernment organisations in southern Africa and is dedicated to sustainable development and the conservation of biodiversity in southern Africa, to the benefit of all the people of the sub-region. Siyanqoba Seminars is proudly supporting the Endangered Wildlife Trust and it's Conservation Leadership Group. Together we are mentoring tomorrow's leaders in conservation through experiential training and skills development.

3. Sithabile Home for Abused Children

Sithabile creates a safe haven for children who are survivors of abuse, exploitation, and neglect. It is a drop-in facility for children who are hungry, sick or cold; a place where youngsters can re-claim their childhood, learn to play and look toward their future with hope; a home where children can dream and know that others believe they are gifts to be nurtured and cherished. The primary mission of the Center is to provide a bridging facility to rehabilitate families in poverty and children in distress through education, care and counseling.


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