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Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Approval

Your assurance, that major software houses recognise us and our abilities. We are veteran Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, annually exceeding their stringent certification processes.

The partner channel is a solution centric model of getting the right answers and training to the entire range of Microsoft products, for all clients.

Microsoft surveys our company practices, marketing and statistics and gives us access to hundreds of thousands of Rands worth of software, Tools such as TechNet and Microsoft Developer Network to enhance our skills and ensure our competency on all their software and direct Microsoft technical support exclusive to Gold Certified Partners.


To properly identify those partners that can assist clients in specific areas, Microsoft additionally created a competency range targeting solutions for these areas. Dynamix holds over four such competencies in Data Management, Information Worker and Network Infrastructure and, of course, Learning Solutions. For instance, only Learning Solutions partners are authorised to use Microsoft Official Curriculum courseware and are identified as the preferred method for all Microsoft learning engagements.

Beta testers

As Beta testers for many software houses such as Microsoft we receive dozens of soon-to-be-released software for our input and learning. This means that we are able to gain familiarity and deploy pre-release software in our environment months and even years before their release. Our Instructors are then ready off the block on release day!
SA Government SETA Accreditation

Through many strategic offerings the South African government, through entities such as South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and the industry SETA Education and Training Quality Assurers (ETQA), has embarked the country on an aggressive skills upliftment policy. With SARS enforcing a levy system of 1% of South African companys payrolls for the formation of a Skills Development Fund all stakeholders now have a programme and funding that really strives to address skills shortages by encouraging companies to train and uplift all South Africans.

Part of this process is to accredit well managed training organisations that can deliver quality driven outcomes based training that will address these shortages. Dynamix Computer Training Centre embraced this programme from the start and has gained full accreditation from Information Systems (IT), Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (ISETT SETA). Only accredited companies can host training events for Learnerships, Internships and registered training against the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).
International Association of Microsoft Certified


Dynamix is a member of the IAMCP. This association was formed in 1994 to provide Partners a greater voice into Microsoft and to facilitate mutual growth and business development.

There are members and chapters worldwide. Chapter membership fosters personal relationships that lead to mutual business opportunities. The large number of member companies provides a rich array of non-competing service providers with whom you can offer an expanded portfolio to your clients.


We have always been in education. Long before computers were even common place on our desks Dynamix delivered quality training solutions via a wide variety of motivational, speed reading and similar type courses. Over a decade ago we began providing IT solutions to the corporate market using the same dedicated and unique service orientated focus that we had practiced all along. Businesses of all sizes quickly became accustomed to this higher than normal level of commitment and quality and within a short space of a one year we were able to capture a healthy market share. Over time we have become focused and dedicated in training solutions of all sizes and types to anyone who wanted to experience the best-of-breed in productivity and self development upskilling.

The Team

You will be catered for by hand picked, permanent staff who care about getting you onto the right class with the right outcome. Here are the most departments that have the most significance to you:

Account Executives

Having a single point of contact for all your account queries ensures you don't have to struggle to get quick and concise solutions. Account Executives are extremely well trained and are guided directly by senior management to provide streamlined answers and deliverables that make sense right off the bat! If we don't know the answer to your query or dilemma, rest assured we are one of the few companies who will provide a fast turn around.


Imagine an entire department of friendly, well trained staff that can act as your training coordinators, planners and solution seekers. All confirmations, reminders and reports can be provided at a moments notice.


What would we be without the best instructors in the industry? Hand picked for their determination to achieve the successful class, their love of problem-solving, strong people skills and rounded off as excellent communicators. That's only the beginning! Each permanent, full time instructor goes through our certified in-house Train-the-Trainer programme ensuring they are equipped with the tools to deliver the best class possible. Every class is evaluated and monitored by our Skills Development Manager and continuous grooming and development is encouraged.

All technical classes are taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) who hold the necessary certifications to be allowed to deliver the course. Each instructor uses presentation tools in class and utilises the best technologies available to ensure a dynamic class!


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