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Dream Nails Beauty are the trusted leaders in Hand, Foot and Body Care that promises glamour to the discerning, modern-day woman who has the desire to look and feel beautiful.
For over 25 years we have been servicing the South African market with the latest nail trends, body therapies and beauty techniques that make our customers feel glamorous!

It all started in the early 1980s when a few individuals started experimenting with methods of nail sculpturing that filtered through from the United States of America (USA), the heart of the nail industry and brought the innovation to the untouched South African market.

In 1983, the founder of Dream Nails, Nora Barnard, realised that there was a general lack of nail expertise in South Africa. She travelled to the USA to research the nail industry, nail franchise operations and product range quality and availability. After extensive research into the nail industry and the completion of several courses, including a diploma course in Nail Sculpturing Training, cleared with the USA State Board of Cosmetology, she returned to South Africa. She brought back cutting-edge techniques, educated Nail Technicians on the use of safe products and used her new-found expertise to set up a fully-fledged nail sculpturing franchise company called Dream Nails.

Skinwell Holdings Limited bought the then named Dream Nails franchise in October 2007 and currently has a national footprint with over 31 Stores operating within the group. In April 2012 Skinwell changed its holding name to Imbalie Beauty as the groups dynamics had changed and the company has now grown to the largest beauty franchise group in South Africa. Keeping up with market and consumer trends has been at the forefront of Dream Nails for over 25 years and this passion has allowed us to reinvent our group over the years and still attract the same loyal customers to our salons. These customers know that when visiting a Dream Nails Beauty salon you can expect quality, affordable nail and beauty services buy fully trained and knowledgeable staff.


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