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Liza Gerber



Beauty Facts International strives to provide a world-class student with universally high standards whose qualifications are recognized worldwide.


Liza Gerber, founder of Beauty Facts International, is a successful and experienced international therapist. She founded the academy in 1980 and has been lecturing at the institution since. As a role model, students identify with her easily.

She is not just an educationalist but also a successful businesswoman who manages her own skin and body clinic. She has been an external practical assessor on a regular basis for other institutions.

She is well informed and contributes to maintaining high standards in the training of therapists who are able to enter the job market with confidence and become true professionals. She continuously and constantly improves facilities and the standards of the school.

She studied at the University of Stellenbosch and at Isa Carstens Health and Skin Care Academy where she qualified in 1979.

The Academy:

Beauty Facts International is located in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg and provide flexible learning for students of all ages. The different courses are carefully constructed to provide the ideal balance between theoretical and practical training. Classes are kept small and great importance is placed on individual tuition. Lecturing staff are qualified experts in their fields and guest speakers are used for specialist related subjects.

RPL Policy:

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for
the development and implementation of quality RPL
systems, services and programmes. It contains a
specialized set of criteria and guidelines relevant to
assessments for the purposes of RPL. Furthermore it addresses the role and functions of accredited ETQAs ,providers and assesors in the design and implementation of RPL related assessments and in the development of RPL systems, instruments and procedures.

RPLs should be an integrated part of the assessment policies of ETQAs and their constituent providers and not an "add-on" procedure. This is aimed at providing direction and support so that the system of RPL will be able to set the required standards to meet the challenges of social, economic and human development.


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