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FGASA - The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa

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WildlifeCampus is an online Virtual Campus offering a wide variety of wildlife, wildlife-related, tourism, guiding and natural science course over the Internet.

The following courses are offered in an online format only; students access their course material online (or may download it) and complete their assignments online.

Animal Tracks & Signs of Africa

Behaviour Guide to African Carnivores

Behaviour Guide to African Herbivores

Behaviour Guide to African Primates

Big "5" (Free)

Capture, Care and Management of Wildlife

Cultural Astronomy (Free)

Elephants: Facts & Fables (Free)

FGASA Exam Preparation

Game Guard Management (New)

Game Lodge Management

Game Ranch Economics

Geology, Palaeontology & Evolution

Human - Wildlife Conflicts

Hunting – A Balanced Perspective (Free)

Intensive Wildlife Production (New)

Mammals of the South African Lowveld

Marine Biology for Guides, Divers & Enthusiasts

Mountain Guiding (Free)

Predator Management on Livestock farms (Free)

Snakes & Reptiles of the Lowveld


The Guides Guide to Guiding

Trails Guide (Advanced Field Guiding)

Wilderness Navigation

Wildlife Photography (Digital)

Cultural Guiding Series: (New)

Cultural Guiding – Free State

Cultural Guiding – Gauteng

Cultural Guiding – Kwazulu Natal

Cultural Guiding – Limpopo

Cultural Guiding – Mpumalanga

Cultural Guiding – North West

Cultural Guiding – Northern Cape

Cultural Guiding – Western Cape

Full Course Descriptions for all of the WildlifeCampus Courses including their pricing is available on our website.
These are targeted at the serious, curious, the career orientated and the wildlife enthusiast. 

None of our courses have barriers to entry, due dates or deadlines, just fun, expertly written, interactive components. Included in the course costs is full academic support and the opportunity to join the more than 20 000 students from 150 countries in our virtual campus.

In addition, students are not required to purchase Full Courses or Full Modules, but are welcome to select individual components from any of our courses.

Registration is also free.


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