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1. Department Of Education For Further Education and Training
2. Provisional Accreditation with UMALUSI. FET00015PA
3. ETDP SETA acknowledges DBC as a training provider
4. Examination Centre for Pitman/City & Guild qualification for overseas examination
5. Examination Centre for London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) for overseas exams
6. Department of Labour: NSF Provider: No. 1413



DURBAN BUSINESS COLLEGE (est. 1902) is an exclusive private tertiary institution. Safety and security are top priority at the college. It is a place to which learners are eager to come to learn and share ideas a place of which we can feel proud. DBC offers various courses to people who are in need of Education, Training and Skills development.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is Quality and not quantity Classes are personalised, with individual attention being given to each learner. We believe in providing the learner with the best quality training that is well recognised and that will enhance their practical skills in the working environment.


Creating a caring, supportive, enjoyable and challenging learning environment in which learners can enhance their knowledge. The aim of Durban Business College is to provide an excellent standard of Life Long Learning in Tertiary Education within KZN.

1. We aim to provide personalised tuition that pays attention to the individual Learner and provide the equipment that is needed to fulfill this function
2. We strive to provide updated studies in Business and Commerce to equip the Learner with a practical understanding as well as the ability to go into the job market on completion of study. (Achieve personal excellence)
3. Participate in decisions that affect their careers and lives
4. DBC accepts personal and social responsibility for their decisions and actions
5. We strive to provide an all rounded education to provide the Learner with Life skills as well as working skills, within a personal caring environment of individualised tuition
6. DBC strives to provide a source of education for Learners who do not have previous formal education.
7. DBC strives to satisfy customer needs by conducting continuous assessments
8. DBC strives to offer learners Education that is recognized nationally as well as Internationally.
9 Nationally: We have provisional accreditation with UMALUSI, which means that we attest to a level of institutional credibility.
10 Internationally: We are registered as Examination Centers for Pitman/City Guild and London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) courses.


1. To improve quality of Education, i.e. obtain accreditation from our ETQA and align our courses to the NQF
2. To empower disadvantaged individuals
3. To place learners in positions of interest on completion of study (In-service training is compulsory for all 1-year learners)
4. To help learners acquire work experience and life skills (interactive lectures with qualified and well-experienced lecturer)
5. To empower learners who do not have previous formal education
6. To formulate and implement training programmes that is consistent and aligned to the NQF.
7. According to the critical outcomes of SAQA:
- Learners will be able to identify and solve problems in relation to our courses.
- They would also learn to work effectively with others as a member of a team, group, organisation Outcomes and community if required. Learners are given group assignments that need teamwork and co-operation.
- In addition learners will be able to be work independently, be responsible and work effectively. Learners are also given individual projects that require them to practice self-management techniques.
- Furthermore learners will be able to analyse and evaluate data and take responsibility in editing and correcting information critically. Complex problems are given to learners to analyse
- Additionally learners will acquire the skill of communicating effectively when presenting data to fellow colleagues. The means of communication is via visual, mathematical, and language skills. Presentations and reports are given to learners to enhance their communication and presentation skills
- Learners will realize the importance of the health and safety of others. Life skills are emphasised
- Trainees will demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of related systems. It will further empower them to explore various career options and become leaders, i.e. develop entrepreneurial opportunities Our courses will enable learners to become a member of various communities, i.e. they would be able to use their skill locally, nationally and globally.


These Qualifications aim to provide the learner with the required skills, knowledge and experience to:

Perform the tasks related to the particular course of interest
Participate in life long learning
Entrepreneurial skills
Managerial skills
Secretarial and Legal skills
Computer Skills
Typing Skills
Administrative and Communication skills (practicals, case studies, presentations)
Corporate Training (to suit the needs of the employee, Eg Language course


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