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Craig Charnock


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UBuntu Bridge is a business intent on serving South Africa by helping people to communicate in the Xhosa language through enjoyable and inspiring language lessons and community tours.

Our mission is to co-create a greater sense of national identity and community by easing the difficult path of learning Xhosa as an adult learner and experience the benefits for all parties of improved empathy, respect and communication between the different peoples of South Africa.

Our intention is to bring income opportunities to the poorer communities of South Africa, by engaging the members of the community in entrepreneurship and the service industry, encouraging mutual cultural understanding and appreciation, and contributing to a better South Africa for all our people.

Craig is the lead facilitator and founder of UBuntu Bridge. The following feedback was received after one of the first Xhosa courses Craig conducted. It encapsulates the vision and passion with which he is committed to making a change in South Africa.

Craigs classes inspired me more than I ever dreamed Xhosa classes would. The side-effects have been the building of stronger relationships with some of my colleagues, building greater trust, and allowing me to feel genuinely part of the real society of SA.

- ALAN DICKINSON, Management Development Consultant (SunAir International)

Craig Charnocks Lets Learn Xhosa courses have been running for over two years and have proved immensely popular. He has taught to students, scholars, old age pensioners, pre-primary children, businessmen and women, corporate executives and many people informally who have needed and wanted help or motivation. As a result, his teaching style is fun and patient, but also focused and engaging.

Craig spent eight months of 2003/2004 in the Transkei training to be a Traditional Healer with the AmaMpondo people (one of the Xhosa tribes), having completed a Psychology and Film Studies degree at U.C.T. in 2003. He left the training to volunteer for eight months at The Leap Science and Maths High School for Xhosa teenagers and has since followed his calling to help others learn to speak Xhosa, something that has made such a difference to his own life as an adult South African.

Craig genuinely understood our frustration of trying to grasp the clicks and the grammar and was incredibly patient with all of us. Craigs obvious enthusiasm and love of Xhosa was infectious! A natural teacher.

- CORRIN HOLGATE, Crisis Manager (National) - (Price Waterhouse Coopers)


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