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Limpopo Rangers cc is committed to sustainable development in eco tourism in Africa through quality assurance. Our vision is to ensure excellence in field guiding in Africa through professional training and development.

All of our courses are done in the foothills of the majestic Waterberg mountains on nature reserves that have a great diversity of natural aspects, as well as the BIG 5 !


We offer the following courses:

* Basic Field Guiding Courses
* Advanced Field Guiding courses
* Preparation for FGASA levels and National Qualifications
* Weapon Handling & Dangerous Animal courses.

You are assured of the following:

* Individual Attention - small groups of students.
* Ranger Courses are held every month.
* Our field guide training courses are endorsed by FGASA and we offer a free FGASA practical evaluation on the three week course.
* FREE THETA National Qualification assessment on the three week basic course.
* Best Value for money
* A trainer that is passionate about Nature and unveiling her secrets to you.


Principal trainer: Mark
THETA/ETDP Assessor No:613/A/001741/2004.

FGASA - Level 3; SKS Dangerous Animals
FGASA - SKS Birding
FGASA - Qualified Tracker
FGASA - Endorsed trainer and evaluator of field guides (Extremely Important)
THETA - TGSP9 - Advanced Field Guiding (Dangerous Animals, Advanced Birding)
THETA - Qualified Tracker
THETA - Assessor of Nature Guides
Cybertracker - Qualified Tracker
ETDP - Assessor of Nature guides
POSLEC - Weapon Handling
Other Field Guide Trainers:
FGASA Endorsed
Minimum Level 3 Field Guides


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Bela Bela

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P.O.Box 1162

Bela Bela


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