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French, the new medium for African trade

I am sure you have noticed how French is being used more and more in South Africa. With French being the spoken language across half of the African continent, as we develop trade with the continent, learning French is quickly becoming indispensable for the expanding company or motivated young person.

As industry starts to tap the French speaking markets in Europe and Africa, the demand for French speaking people will grow. Become indispensable in this emerging market - learn French today!!!

Once your company is running with French here are just a few African countries where French is spoken as a first language:

Benin Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Chad Democratic Republic of the Congo Djibouti Gabon Guinea Ivory Coast Madagascar Mali Mauritania Niger Rwanda Senegal Togo Algeria Tunisia Morocco, etc

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The French Academy was started to bring the valuable skill of French literacy to Gauteng in personalised courses that fit in with our clients schedules.

The language courses available at the French Academy are offered by native French speakers and are designed to make learning French easy and enjoyable. The most valuable aspect of the courses available is that you can book the course to fit into your schedule, all our teachers will come to you (home/office) or meet you at our premises, which ever is easier for you.

Everyone is welcome, we are teaching children as young as 5, right up to businessmen running businesses in France. We have become busy with people immigrating to French speaking counties like Canada, Congo and France. Our courses cover all levels of French speakers, from beginner to advanced.

We also offer translation and interpretation services for the corporate market, our professional services will always compliment your companys image as it moves into French speaking markets around the world.

The French Academy offers all potential students our unique 'Risk Free Method'. Book your 1st lesson & only pay for it once you are satisfied & want to attend more lessons.


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