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Jens von Wichtingen


Cape Studies is one of the most established English language schools in Cape Town. We first opened our doors in 1995 and have successfully taught thousands of people from all over the world to speak English. Over the years Cape Studies has created a professional, yet friendly atmosphere for our students. This sets us apart.
We love our city and want to share it with you! Come and explore and see Cape Town with your own eyes. Once you are back home, you will surely miss the Cape of Good Hope.

Welcome to our "Rainbow Nation", a diverse melting pot of cultures and colours, where Father Christmas carries a surfboard, snow is almost unheard of and people sing on their way to work. South Africa is a country of contrasts with wide open landscapes and bustling, cosmopolitan cities. Our dramatic past and hopeful future are not the only reasons why people come here.
The warm climate, natural beauty, great value for money and the friendly people attract millions of tourists every year. South Africa has a fascinating mix of culture, with African, Eastern and Western influences reflected in most areas of society. This can be clearly seen in the different forms of dance, music, song and food which comes from the various cultures.

Cape Studies is proud to be located in Cape Town - few cities in the world have a more spectacular setting than the historic Mother City, which lies cradled in the arms of the majestic Table Mountain.

Sir Francis Drake, who concluded his journey around the world in 1580, wrote the following about Cape Town in his journal: "This Cape is the most stately thing and the fairest cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth."


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2 - 17 Varney’s Road, Green Point



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P.O. Box 4425

Green Point



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