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KumaloGreen has been awarded Institutional Accreditation (Decision No. 0798) by the Services SETA. This accreditation co-exists with the interim registration of our training courses and confirms that KumaloGreen meets the eight core criteria for training provider accreditation as defined by SAQA. Our programmes have been aligned to the relevant NQF levels and unit standards that exist. Organisations can claim back their levies for training provided by KumaloGreen.

Quality Guarantee

KumaloGreen, its staff and trainers are committed to SAQA and its legislative requirements. In seeking Institutional Accreditation through the Services SETA, KumaloGreen has developed a Quality Management System. Our Quality Management System serves as a basis on which we run our business. As set out by the Services SETA, our Quality Management System Policy and Procedures Manual is regularly reviewed and updated, ensuring that our training and service is of the highest quality at all times.

All delegates who attend our workshops are given the opportunity to evaluate our training programmes and facilitators, we use their comments to constantly improve our programmes.

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At KumaloGreen we are dedicated, persistent and constantly strive to better our products and services to benefit our clients. Everyday we strive to conduct our business with professionalism, integrity, energy, honesty and fairness.

Our Company

Established in late 1999, KumaloGreens vision was to become a leading training provider in a market where expert facilitators were in great demand. Seven years down the line, we have achieved what we set out to achieve having trained delegates from some of SAs largest organisations, we are proud to be associated with some of South Africas best facilitators.

Our Mission

KumaloGreen's mission is to provide skills and customised training programmes that are aligned with the National Qualification Frameworks outcomes-based methodology.Focusing on a holistic approach to training, we aim to provide our clients with a range of expert trainers, who deliver results-orientated training. Our workshops help the individuals in your organisation reach their full potential in all spheres of the working environment.

Our Client Focus

At KumaloGreen, entering into a training partnership with our clients and providing quality training solutions is high on our priority list. We make every effort to link our training programme outcomes to our clients specific business objectives in order to meet the challenges they may be facing. Through partnering with our clients we gain their trust and co-operation, leading to follow-up interventions that ensure maximum skills transfer and return on investment.

Our Service

We provide a holistic approach to training, where from one central point, we can find the best resources available, co-ordinate these resources, and work towards our ultimate goal - providing our clients with training that meets their specific requirements and produces the intended results.

We are dedicated to making sure our clients stay one step ahead of their competition this we do by keeping our fingers on the pulse, researching new training products and trends, both locally and internationally, and keeping our clients informed of new developments.

Focusing on personalisation, KumaloGreen builds a clear understanding of their clients organisation and their requirements through dynamic interaction with key players. With the information gathered from key players, we ensure that the course is pitched at the right level and that optimum customisation takes place. This in turn, leads to training programmes that always address their intended purposes.

Training has become ever more industry specific, add to this the fact that time IS money, we need to have training programmes that are more focused and that have the desired impact on our clients business, in the limited time available. To meet this requirement we ensure that our programmes are relevant and up-to-date, using the latest training techniques to drive home the message, aiming for maximum skills transfer. Using edutainment as our motto, our trainers will entertain and educate their delegates.

Integral to our commitment to excellence is evaluating the effectiveness of our training programmes, which involves determining:
the degree to which the objectives of the programme have been met
the effectiveness of the knowledge and skills transfer
the delegates' work related improvement
future development needs for individuals or teams within your organisation

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