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Meryl Muller


Property Trainer & Registered Constituent Assessor


We are a privately owned, independently run, Training Aacility in Cape Town. We offer Training Courses & Workshops on a regular basis.

Eata has been in existence since 1997. We began with training a course designed around new recruits entering the Industry. ' Intro Property Course '

In 1998 we registered as Educationists with the Estate Agency Affairs Board [EAAB] and introduced a course to assist candidates with the preparation for the EAAB Examination. ' EAAB Course '

We offer a Business Consultancy programme for New Principals. It is a complete infrastructure covering: setting up an office, recruitment and the administrative aspects of the Estate Agency Business.

We offer further advanced half and one day training workshops for Managers and Agents. All our courses can be adapted to suit in-house training and more specifically, an Agency's particular style and culture of operation.

EATA is now a Real Estate Partner: http:// .realestatepartners . co . za


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