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Offering tuition support for the qualifications of the IMM Graduate School of Marketing


Getting to where you want to be in life is about more than just passing an examination. Its a journey - a journey of discovery, knowledge, and achievement.

While small in size, Kaizens reputation is huge: our pass rate is excellent, our lecturers are inspired, and the environment is conducive to learning.

Established in 1997, Kaizen is a registered tertiary college. But its also a whole lot more: "Kaizen" is the Japanese term for "continuous improvement", a concept we take to heart. We continuously strive to improve the success of our students, as well as the standards of our lecturers and facilities.

World-class education, personal attention and a genuine interest in each persons development challenges our students to achieve their personal and professional best.

Smaller classes mean that you receive more personal attention and can concentrate better.

Our lecturers are experienced and dedicated, with excellent track records in tertiary education and training.

At Kaizen youre more than "just another learner". Youre an individual, with goals and aspirations which Kaizen will help you to reach with confidence and pride.

So, start your career explosively. Give Kaizen a call NOW. Their consultants, Hendrik van Schaik or Maureen Niemand, will make a point of finding the best career training for you.

The Mission of Kaizen Business Education Centre

Kaizen Business Education Centre will become Gauteng's leading private college for accredited tertiary qualifications:

* Students of the college will achieve the highest pass-rate in Gauteng.
* Lecturers of the college will be recognised for their dedication, experience and qualifications.
* The College will be recognised for its ethics and professionalism.

Offering tuition support for the qualifications of the IMM Graduate School of Marketing


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Stoneridge Office Park Building B, 8 Greenstone Place



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PO Box 2780

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