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Accredited as a Human Resources training provider with full programme approval by the South African Board for Personnel Practice - SABPP - Registration Number : 54107L018BM . .sabpp . co . za

Programme approval by Services ETQA - Services SETA Accreditation Number: 2442.

Programme approval by ETDP SETA - ETDP SETA Accreditation Number: ETDPS1182.

Provisionally accredited by UMALUSI - Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training - FET 00013PA, as a Further Education and Training provider of distinction - currently the highest accreditation status available for FET Colleges.

Provisionally Registered with Department of Education (DOE)in terms of the Further Education and Training Act, 2006(Act No. 16 of 2006) Reg:2008/FE07/007 until 31 December 2014 . currently the highest accreditation status available for FET Colleges.

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The Business Management Training College - BMT College, is Southern Africa's most Prestigious Distance Education Business College, primarily focusing on teaching business management and related subjects in the Further Education and Training - FET - band.

BMT College provides innovative, practical skills training to business leaders that encourages personal development and creative thinking.

BMT College in association with the Institute of Business Management - IBM, has been established since 1973 and is renowned for its service excellence over the past three decades. Tuition is by distance education only.

The Business Management Training College has successfully trained more than one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) Business Managers and Business Leaders. This year we celebrate 37 years of Service Excellence.

# Home Studies allows the student flexibility to study anytime.
# The Unit Standards based programmes guide the student in collecting all the required evidence to successfully complete the qualification.
# We prepare our students for advancement and promotion to new positions. Most of our students get promoted almost immediately after they have completed their studies.

The RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) assessment is done FREE OF CHARGE for BMT Students.

The invaluable skills and knowledge obtained by BMT students increase productivity and performance.

BMT Students are invited to attend the official Graduation Ceremony upon completion of their studies. Students celebrate their achievements with family, friends and fellow graduates in full academic regalia.

BMT College is one of only two providers in Southern Africa offering the Human Resources Management and Practices Support Diploma with Programme approval from the SABPP - South African Board for Personnel Practice. (SAQA ID : 49692)


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