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IIFT as a national training body has become a household name over the past twenty-three years. IIFT is known internationally, with special credibility among international health and fitness bodies.

National cooperation with government, tertiary institutions and sports federations is in place countrywide.
Internationally we cooperate with:

* IDEA World Fitness as the leader in the fields of health, fitness and research - .ideafit . c o m
* The NSCA-CC (National Strength and Conditioning Association, Certification Commission) of the USA, with two global specialist programmes: CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) and CPT (Certified Personal Trainer). Both these courses are registered with ISO and are accepted worldwide. - .nsca-cc.org
* FISAF (Federation International Sport Aerobics and Fitness), a global fitness body and sports federation - .fisaf.org


IIFT is a leader in the fields of health, fitness, sport and exercise-programme development functioning in conjunction with professional bodies worldwide. Since 1973 IIFT has trained sport and fitness experts who have made various contributions to sport and exercise science.

IIFT is a registered non-profit educational institution offering opportunities to non-tertiary-registered as well as graduate and post-graduate students. Furthermore IIFT, as an internationally accredited body, affords students at tertiary institutions the opportunity to obtain more international professional qualifications, with the possibility of job opportunities and registration abroad.

IIFT training offers programme design, expansion of theoretical knowledge, practical application, credit-earning (CEUs) and performance through independent research under professional experts, both nationally and internationally.


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