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The new Centre offers a modern and stylish learning environment and is equipped with the latest classroom technology. ELC is located at the University’s Hiddingh Campus in the heart of the city. It is a short walk from Cape Town’s vibrant cultural and historic centre, and has easy access to the beaches and local attractions. You will be able to attend regular exhibitions, events and performances.

Cape Town is the most popular student destination in Africa and welcomes millions of tourists each year. With pristine beaches and a bustling nightlife, the list of things to do in Cape Town seems endless.

Teaching Method

At the UCT English Language Centre, they use a learner-centred approach that focusses on your individual needs and learning style and gets you communicating confidently from the start. Whether you want to learn English for conversational or business use, or to complete a certified English exam, there is a course tailored to your needs.

Lessons are based on real-life topics and ideas to help you engage with the language in an exciting and relevant way. As part of the learner-centred approach, you will have the opportunity to choose the topics and activities you want to do in class. At the end of the course, you will receive a UCT certificate and a report from your teacher.

Social Programme

They schedule a number of trips and activities every week. As well as the regular trips, we also arrange visits to sporting, social and cultural events. UCT has over 100 student societies as well as over 40 sports clubs. 


The UCT English Language Centre offers a range of safe and affordable accommodation to its students. The language school offers various types of student accommodation to meet your financial needs and lifestyle requirements. Certain options may be subject to availability.


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The English Language Centre

University of Cape Town

32-37 Orange Street

Cape Town


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The English Language Centre

32-37 Orange Street

Cape Town


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