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The CAE Academy has been in existence since 2009 and offers our highly successful “Autodesk Ultimate Drawing Office Practice Course”. On completion of this course attendees are prepared for a draughting career in a variety of design related industries such as Architecture, Civil Engineering and Manufacturing.
Since inception, in excess of eighty five (85%) of our attendees have been placed and are now working in these industries.
Our spacious and well equipped training centers are conducive to students developing their technical drawing and team work skills led by our team of energetic lecturers who are professional Authorized Autodesk Trainers and Certified Engineers with many years of practical experience.


We are now proud to introduce our new and improved courses aimed at increasing flexibility of hours and reducing the course costs. This has been achieved by bundling sets of courses together focused on the specific skill requirements of various industries and can now be enrolled for separately.
These changes allow students to enrol for either the complete course at a discount or progressive bundles that are flexible in terms of both time and payment options.

Certification Course

Our “Bundled Course” includes training and internationally recognized Autodesk certificates for AutoCAD and one of the following: Inventor, Revit or Civil 3D. This course aims to develop skills in the CAD industry and software to the level of the Autodesk Professional Certification and typically prepares a student for a career in a drawing office of a small to medium sized company.

Specialization Course

The Specialization course comprises of the “Certification Bundle” plus a minimum of two additional specializations.
This complete course includes invaluable practical training with our senior lecturers on the specialized
Autodesk software in a variety of applications including Architecture, Inventor and Civil. We undertake various plant visits and project work is also arranged so as to familiarize the students with the industry and its assorted environments.
Continuous evaluation of the student’s progress is carried out using tests at regular intervals with assignments done after each module. The project work is used to compile a portfolio which students retain.
On successful completion of this course a candidate will be Autodesk Internationally Certified and competent for a career as a CAD Designer typically for a larger company in the Building, Mining,
Manufacturing and Process Plant industries using the specialised Autodesk software products above.


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