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Patrick Kaye


WE DO: Livery, lessons and horse shows.
But mostly we solve horse and rider problems.

Building a lasting and trusting relationship between you and your horse.

The Horse Talker method developed by Patrick Kaye is based on the fact that everything we want a horse to do is achievable by engaging his intellect. A simple method where results are achieved in a quicker, kinder and safer way.

As opposed to the kick and pull method, The Horse Talker method uses positive reinforcement to create something all of us wish for - proud, happy and responsive horses. Horses have a great capacity to associate sounds with a required action and can learn 100 words or more, but they have to be taught the concept of Good before praise becomes meaningful. The unique Crest Popping method teaches this.

The Horse Talker method is about setting the horse free and still being in perfect control on his back with just a neckstrap or combined with a bridle, but with minimal use of the PID (Pain Inflicting Device) in the horse's mouth. Some people call it a bit.

Patrick Kaye offers you the opportunity to learn a method so simple, that after one weekend you can continue to effectively train your horse yourself. Your horse becomes your team mate, friend and will partner. It will change your life as well as that of your horse. Patrick specializes in reforming delinquent horses, but also offers individual lessons and clinics which cater for everyone from the very experienced to beginners who learn to walk, trot and canter safely within 20 minutes. The Horse Talker method offers advanced riders the ability to change their horses attitude in 10 hours.

It is not a giant leap, it is a set of easy to follow steps that engages the horses mind before making use of its body.

My greatest JOY is when the beneficiaries of my lessons are the horses. Patrick Kaye

Patrick Kaye:

British Horse Society Instructor. (Advanced)
South African National Instructor. (Advanced)
South African National 3 Phase Champion 1984
Selected for Spanish School
4th - All England Show Jumping Championships
Rothman's 181 Complete Horse
Innovator of the "Horse Talker Method" & "Free Form Riding" (No Bridle)
(A Better, quicker, kinder, safer way to train horses)
First bridleless competitor in Modern Times.

THE MAN WHO "TALKS" TO HORSES and they listen!

Curing them "Quickly & Kindly" of dozens of fears, vices, maladies and mental traumas that are part of "delinquent?" behavior.


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