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Christine Bauermeister


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084 2200 548


Infant Massage Instructor, BabyGym Instructor, Dunstan Baby Language Educator, Childbirth Educator, Postpartum Doula, Life Couch

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I created Empowering Mothers, a complete support system that helps woman through pregnancy, birth and into new mommyhood. Being a Childbirth Educator and Postpartum Doula, Baby Massage and BabyGym Instructor, I love every experience helping clients transform their lives. I have studied with and learned from some of the most renowned healers and teachers across the world and I have been drawn to working with new mothers and geared much of my learning towards parenting, especially after my son was born. Today I have built a career on my passion for fostering healthy moms and healthy babies.

Just as the caterpillar goes through a major transformation to become a butterfly, so does a woman as she goes thru the life creating process – from preconception, to pregnancy, to birth and finally to motherhood. A life changing transformation takes place; not only will she birth a baby but she will also give birth to another part of her self that never existed before, she becomes a mother.

Whether you are pregnant or are a new mother, Empowering Mothers will help support, guide and better prepare you for this special time in your life. In addition you will build a solid foundation from which both your child and you will grow from.


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