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Leigh-Anne Dos Santos Rook


Owner- Reiki Association Master Teacher




RASA, Reiki Association of south Africa, Jikiden Institute in Japan, Soul Healing, Energencia Academy, University of Metaphysics Sedona

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Leigh-Anne has a special gift and continues to share it with others by teaching Healing and Reiki. Her training began at an early age and has continued for many years with world-renowned teachers in various healing modalities, such as Reiki, Shamanic, Meditational and Transpersonal healing. Leigh-Anne’s passion is healing, which is her gift and forte, complimented by her newly found love for teaching and in sharing her expediently rich insight in her field with others and ultimately finding joy in their growth. Reiki largely steered her journey, which initially began in 2006, as a practitioner, equally accompanied by her partner, whom is also gifted and enlightened, complimenting and balancing his lifestyle & individual choice of career in his field of fast paced technology. Leigh-Anne has passionately facilitated interactive, creatively intuitive personal and spiritually empowering, self-development journey assemblies, from individual to smaller intimate groups, in her residing city of Cape Town.

Leigh-Anne is a registered member of RASA, including an accredited practitioner and Reiki Master teacher for Soul Healing Academy, in the following modalities; Western Reiki (Reiki 1, 2, Advanced); Karuna Reiki; Eastern Reiki (Reiki Rhoyo and Gendai); and she is currently one of the very few Accredited Jikiden practitioner’s in Cape Town; with the direct teachings of Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki; Sekhem Reiki; Advanced crystal healing practitioner and Lightarian TM Master Teacher.

Leigh-Anne, is an accredited Jikiden practitioner with the Jikiden Institute in Kyoto Japan, she is currently doing her many hours of case studies, in hope to one day bring the original teachings to the people of Cape Town in the near future.

L Divine was established in 2009, by Leigh-Anne, whom passionately practised Reiki and other healing modalities over the years, orchestrating her own learning and lessons in life, transforming and enriching her own life. The goal is to create the richest map possible that respects the systemic nature and ecology of ourselves and the world we live in. Leigh-Anne is known to be continuously and consciously engaged in her process of inner development, dedicated to the application of spiritual principles of self-empowerment, clearing, healing, activation and manifestation, towards a greater contribution for the illumination of global conscious evolution. She strives to share quality teachings, unique authentic wisdom, coupled with experience, inspired by her own transformational journey and love of learning; with her fellow man. Leigh-Anne believes in taking responsibility to do her best in providing quality training, with love and devotion, to awaken the living fire within you and thus help the people to help themselves.

Reiki energy can be used in countless ways, not only for the healing of physical or psychological disorders, but also for helping the practitioner discover his/her creative powers, to learn delve into oneself, or to become better at what one already does. A cook will become a better cook, an artist a better artist, a business man a better business man. It may also be possible that the physician now decides that he always wanted to be a farmer and starts a new life.

She has great trust and respect in knowing that the healing arts itself, will be your actual true guide and teacher in your own individually inspired path. It is her intention to be a clear channel and conduit to share in the teachings of Reiki, which is meant to be passed on…to serve all her students, clients and humanity at large, ~ for their highest and greatest good!

L Divine changed to “Feeling” L Divine in 2011, establishing an initiative start up to a long term goal for a holistic healing centre and more, also known as Reiki “Kenkyukai” (Training Institute), currently situated in the South of the beautiful Cape Peninsula, forming in collaboration with Soul Healing Academy (Gauteng) ~with Karen Lange the chairperson of RASA, renowned Reiki Master and Master Teacher.

Feeling L Divine will be launching their first group class in June 2013, taught by Leigh-Anne C. Dos Santos (Rook), Reiki Master and Master Teacher. The Cape community will have the opportunity, to divulge in these unique and authentic teachings, embracing your own individual divinity and empowering journey through Reiki.

Although Reiki can be experienced as spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. Reiki can be practiced within the context of any religious belief that one might have, or by people who have no particular religious affiliation, or belief.

As you progress on your personal Reiki journey, we will come to recognize the powerful and sacred nature of each Reiki experience. Reiki is much more than simply a hands on healing technique; it is a tool for spiritual growth, and enhancing quality of life and can be incorporated into your daily lives. Reiki serves as a bridge between medicine, science and spirituality. Reiki training is often a turning point in a person’s life and it can be a transformational tool. It can help us be true to our self, and free to accomplish our Divine purpose and reconnect with the magic in this life.

Reiki is being embraced by many prestigious hospitals where it is offered as a part of standard care.

We provide quality, affordable and fully comprehensible courses of high standard, copyright of Karen Lange, principal teacher of Soul Healing Academy. Courses will now be offered through Feeling L Divine, to the people of Cape Town. We teach quality theoretical concepts and allow plenty of practical time, with other students and through our volunteer program. Classes are also designed to help the student learn Reiki for their personal use, as well as to help friends and family and professionals. Reiki always adjusts itself to the practitioner, the situation and to exactly what is needed in any given situation.

This course requires that you have the courage to work directly with your own healing, on the way to being part of the healing journeys of others.

Courses are accredited with NHA and RASA. We are Jikiden Reiki- Kyoto Institute accredited.

I do not believe in teaching Reiki one degree at a time but take people on a 3-month journey including Reiki 1, 2 and advanced as a start. Anyone regardless of their age can learn Reiki.

I run small group classes for our Reiki courses to keep the Reiki training more personal; as opposed to individual tuition as then you have people to practice on. We provide comprehensive manuals, teaching, mentoring and post-course support and you will not be required to bring anything other than an open mind and an open heart to your classes.

What sets us apart from other reiki training facilities is that we provide insightful learning and informed teaching combining natural healing, metaphysics, self-discovery and Reiki in a spiritual, holistic and simultaneously clinical and professional way.

My vision of Life a few years from now is that the next generation will give Reiki the place that it deserves and to see Reiki grow from one heart to another.

It’s my belief that Reiki will conquer and heal the world and its inhabitants.

"The great secret of Life on Earth is that by attuning your human self to your attached divine Self you open yourself to receive healing and helping energies, which come from the divine Universe, which loves and adores you. Both your divine eternal soul and the human body to which it is now attached."

Frank P, vice principal of the Jikiden Institute in Kyoto, Japan once said, quote: “In all continents Reiki is practiced regardless of the practitioners’ religion, creed, race or social status. The development of Reiki is so far unprecedented in the history of mankind and the power of this enormous energy can be used creatively to raise the level of consciousness on our lovely planet.

Reiki, as taught by Dr. Usui in the early 1920’s is ultimately a path to enlightenment. And for any of us to walk the path of enlightenment, it is vital that we are well prepared for the event. What prepares us is the Dharma.

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means law. In Buddhist terminology it is used to mean the teachings of the Buddha. In our case Reiki Dharma means the teachings and guidelines of Dr. Mikao Usui, or Usui Sensei as he was and still is called in Japan.

“I love the concept behind the original Reiki style, which is that it gradually peels back the layers we have accumulated in life, physical and emotional, to reveal… our true and magnificent selves as we really are!”

“Healing happens when you choose to change the cause.”

“Reiki is one of the safe leading energy medicine approaches.” ~C. Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D. Founder, American Holistic Association.

“On a practical level Reiki is a serious healing art that needs to be treated with devotion and respect. Devotion and respect need time to grow. In Japan Reiki is seen as a way of life, a love affair with existence that never ends.” ~F. Petter.

Usui Sensei Reiki called Reiki “The secret art of inviting happiness, the spiritual medicine for all illnesses”.

“There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering, too much pain. Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.” ~Mother Teresa.

“Let’s celebrate that we already have everything we need, to savour the beauty and perfection of the moment.”

“It is my intention to reawaken humanity to the sacred levels of the higher vibrational bands of Reiki -- to assist humans as they enter this new phase of their existence. My heart's desire is to have the use of the Reiki clarified, demystified and expanded. I offer this special gift of Reiki to all humans to accelerate their healing, raise their vibration and prepare them to become the new human species.” -Ascended Master Buddha, inspiration and source for Lightarian™ Reiki

“Convert yourself into a divine battery, sending out through your hands divine healing rays whenever and wherever they may be needed. Then your hands, charged with divine power, will throw healing rays into your patient’s heart and brain. Thus his seeds of ignorance will be destroyed, and he will smile with the health of Highest-love.” ~Paramhansa Yogananda

Reiki………..Transforming your life.™ ~Soul Healing
“Feeling your true Love, Light and Laughter of Life!”
…with Leigh-Anne ~At Feeling L Divine”

"Though it is beneficial and effective to visit a Reiki practitioner for treatment, one important way for you to experience the positive effects of Reiki Energy is to become attuned to it for yourself.

It is for this reason that many people across the world have sought out training in the effective and appropriate use of Reiki Energy for their own benefit as well as for the benefit of those around them."


Leigh-Anne Dos Santos (Rook)


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