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Oliver Gaertner


# Health & Welfare SETA HW 592 PA 0400061
# Department of Labour Certificate # Cl 159
# Medical & Dental Council of South Africa
# Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa


The Medical Education Center is a Training Organisation of German origin. Our courses are conducted strictly according to the guidelines of the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa. Although situated in Cape Town, our Lecturers travel the country on a regular basis in order to meet our Clients' requirements and the ever-increasing demand for Safety not only at the workplace, but also in schools, at university and home.

By continuously assessing and updating our courses we ensure training of the highest standard.

Oliver Gaertner, the Owner of the Medical Education Center, has gained profound practical experience as a Paramedic in Munich/Germany and as Head of the Paramedic Training Department of one of the largest German Rescue Organisations, the Malteser Hilfsdienst.

After immigrating to South Africa in 1995 he discovered the local training enviroment to lack the Enthusiasm he felt was inevitable for the success of any Training, especially in the medical field. This sad realisation called for the initiation of an all new approach to Health and Safety Training.

It marked the Birth of the Medical Education Center. Innovative, Fresh and Enthusiastic.

The reaction was overwhelming. Each year more than 10.000 Learners from all over the Country, from various Backgrounds and Professions, attend our Training Courses. The daily feedback we receive is truly remarkable.


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