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CityROCK is Cape Town's center for all things related to the sport of Rock Climbing.

Our facility features:

A large top rope and lead climbing area.
Cape Town's premiere Gear Shop.
Introductory lessons taught numerous times every week.
A large bouldering cave.
An in-house yoga studio.

For adults, the easiest way to start is to take our intro course, a great deal at only R110. We offer an intro course several times a week, typically Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-8 pm. Climbing is a partner activity. One person climbs, the 2nd person manages the safety rope that holds the climber. This action is called belaying. The intro course teaches the basics of climbing as well as belaying.

About 40% of our climbers are women, and on weekends about half our customers are kids. Thats because climbing is not just about strength, but mostly about technique and your mental ability. So anyone can do it.

Kids 6 and older can climb. However, please note that every climber irrespective of age qualified requires a belayer (someone who holds the safety rope) so kids typically cant just show up and climb unattended.

The best option for kids is to do our test-drive program. Its R100 and includes entrance, gear rental and 1 hour of our staff supervision. We will do some bouldering with your child, some top rope climbing where we belay your kid. Booking for this is highly recommended.

We rent all the gear so you dont need to bring anything except comfortable gym clothing and preferably a thin pair of socks. Gear rental is included in our intro course and kids test drive program.

For the experienced outdoor climber, starting at CityROCK is easy. Just show up, pay our daily entrance fee, take our belay or lead test (R10/R20) and climb on!


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