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HFPA is registered by the Department of Education for the courses as shown on Certificate no.01HC05.
HFPA Certificate and Diploma in Exercise Science courses are accredited on the higher education level by the CHE (Council for Higher Education). HFPA is registered as a higher education (tertiary) institution by SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority). Courses are listed on the NQF (National Qualifications Framework).GO TO:

Our Certificate and Diploma in Exercise Science have been awarded full accreditation by the FSC (Fitness Standards Council) - based in North America and represented internationally.
HFPA has been awarded "Affiliate" Status by the NBFE (National Board of Fitness Examiners) in the USA. HFPA graduates therefore qualify to write the NBFE examinations which we offer in South Africa.
Courses adhere to the highest international certification standards.

HFPA Exercise Science courses are now accredited by Skills Active in the UK who are the accrediting body for courses in Sport, Recreation & Fitness. With this accreditation we are now able to register with REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals). Our graduates can then register as Exercise Professionals with REPS, who are the registering bodies for Exercise Professionals in the UK, Australia & New Zealand.


Who are we?

Founded in 1979, HFPA (Keep Fit International as it was then known) was one of the first organisations internationally, to recognise and act upon the need for representation and specialised training for the fitness industry. Over a period of 26 years, HFPA has led the initiative to create unity and set professional standards for the South African fitness industry. This initiative has now taken on an international perspective as we work closely with several other countries towards the same goals.

HFPA History

1979 The first to offer professional representation to the South African fitness industry, to negotiate on its behalf and to satisfy the specific needs of the industry.

1979 The first to provide professional education and training for the SA Fitness industry.

1981 Established a professional relationship with the Pretoria University Sport and Training Institute for Continuing Education seminars.

1981 Launched South Africa's first Health & Fitness magazine, "Vigour & Vitality"

1983 Introduced competitive aerobics into South Africa and ran the SA National Aerobics Championship annually until 1991.

1985 Presented the first SA Fitness Industry Convention, which became an annual event featuring international presenters.

1986 Invited by SAASSPER, as a founder member of the National Exercise Leaders Committee, to set educational standards and establish an "umbrella body" for the fitness industry.

1988 Successfully negotiated Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for qualified fitness instructors.

1989 Appointed as a Continuing Education Provider for the IDEA Foundation (Now the American Council on Exercise - ACE.

1990 Appointed by the IDEA Foundation (ACE) and Columbia Assessment Services, USA, to administer the Aerobics Certification Examination in South Africa.

1992 Appointed to administer the newly introduced ACE Exercise Specialist Examination in South Africa.

1992 Joined forces with Educational Assessment Service of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) to provide National Certification Examinations for fitness professionals.

1993 Accepted as a member of the NSC (National Sports Council) representing the fitness industry.

1994 Appointed International Liaison in Africa for IHRSA (USA based International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association).

1995 Held the first National General meeting of Exercise Specialists at the SA Fitness Industry Convention - October 1995

1998 Formed a professional alliance with the National Federation of Exercise Specialists (NFPT), a USA based Exercise Specialist federation with international members.

2000 Appointed as Exclusive Licensee (Africa) to present the Cancer Wellfit Program, a continuing education certification course for Fitness Consultants. This is an IHRSA Award Winning Program.

2000 Appointed as Exclusive Licensee (South Africa) to market Continuing Education Courses by Desert South West Fitness (DSWF) the world's largest provider of continuing education courses for the Fitness Industry.

2001 HFPA courses are accredited by SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) on the Higher Education Level.

2001 As Institutional & Course accreditation and Registration with the various authorities is instituted in SA and around the world, HFPA Certificate and Diploma courses achieve higher education accreditation and HFPA is registered as a Higher Education Institution.
Authorities: SAQA ( South African Qualifications Authority); DOE ( Department of Education); CHE (Council on Higher Education).

2005 Full Course Accreditation for our Certificate and Diploma programmes by the FSC (Fitness Standards Council) who are based in the USA & Canada and Represented Internationally.

2006 HFPA has been awarded "Affiliate" status by the NBFE (National Board of Fitness Examiners) in the USA.

2006 HFPA Exercise Science courses are accredited in the UK by Skills Active, the UK accrediting body for courses in Sport, Recreation & Fitness.


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