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Antoinette Stobbs


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Cidesco; SAAHSP; Lecturer; Assessor


Welcome to Karma situated in Pretoria East- we ensure an unforgettable learning experience...
Mission Statement in terms of Education and Training.

Karma academy promises to provide superior training and to uphold the high standard of tuition in the Beauty and Holistic industry. We strive to support and nurture prospective learners in their endeavour to achieve their goals in their chosen careers. Training facilities will be comfortable and inviting. Training tutors will be fair, encouraging, professional and supportive of all learners.

The learner's time will be utilized efficiently and constructively during training and learners will be encouraged to work immediately on completion of a successful assessment and evaluation.

Our Motto: 'Learn today-Earn tomorrow'.

Our inspiration from Nelson Mandela- 'It is what we make with what we have, not what we are given- that separates one person from another.'
Aids and Equipment

Karma provides each learner with all necessary equipment and learning aids to successfully complete all theoretical and practical tasks as set out for each individual module.

All fees for modules include the above mentioned. Equipment is of the latest technology and standard. Suppliers details are made available to each learner for further ordering of equipment and consumables.
Learner Support

Karma provides a wide support system to prospective learners. Our aim is to recognise a potential learner's strengths and weaknesses and professionally give them advice and suitable career choices. The learner's goals are recognised. Business support is readily available in terms of supplying the learner with business guidelines, ethics and viability. Consulting with learners helps them with guidance to achieving their goals in life. Personal business consulting and setting up private salons is also an optional at an additional fee. Karma takes pride in constant and continual support post the learners completing their modules and telephonic support is readily available.

Supportive advice, good practice and encouragement ensures our learners have access to outstanding service at all times.

Our policy is to accept all learners irrespective of age, creed, sex or disability within our scope of physical means. On consulting with a prospective learner, no entry requirements are necessary and a plan is established accordingly to assist the student should there be a minor problem to learning.

RPL [recognised prior learning] is accepted and acknowledged.

Language- teaching is bi-lingual in English or Afrikaans [on request].

The manuals and text books are in English.

Learners of International Status can be transported to and from Oliver Tambo Airport on arrangement and request.

GREETINGS FROM THE KARMA TEAM - till we meet... live your hopes and dreams today.

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21 Lynwood Road

Faerie Glen



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PO Box 792

Lynwood Pretoria East



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