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Nikki Philipson




The Truly truly sewing school was started by Nikki philipson.

After finishing a three year qualification in clothing production management at Cape Technicon, Nikki worked in three different factories as a garment engineer for the next 6 years. Over seeing the pattern making, grading and garment construction. She also managed the quality devision in one of these factories.
She then worked for 15yrs at one of the largest retailers in South Africa, First as a senior technologist and then as a technical manager for the group. During this time as a technologist she also converted her diploma into a degree by completing a B tech Degree. (2yrs)

Her love for sewing and pattern making led her to find the need to teach and inspire others in the art of patternmaking and sewing. Hence the birth of the Truly truly sewing school. Which over the last two years as grown exceptionally well.

Classes are kept to a minimum of 6 people which therefore allows for a hands on approach and ensuring that each student gets the individual attention needed to learn how to sew professionally.

Each course has been carefully designed to ensure that each sewers gets all the information needed.


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