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Rene Johnston


Co-owner and facilitator


Flowcus creates and facilitates specialist people processes, for businesses, training companies and public workshops. Each process is tailored and based on up-to-date, tried and tested research.

With their combined knowledge and experience of 20 years in psychology and personal development, Claire and Rene, the Directors of the company, emphasise the growth potential within individuals. They value and respect the wisdom within each person their aspiration is to tap into this wisdom through working collaboratively with the individual, who is seen as the expert of their own lives. No Flowcus workshop is deemed a success unless each individual experiences at least one lightbulb moment!

Flowcus processes are inspired by the psychological concept of flow, found in those moments where a person is totally absorbed in a task, using their natural gifts and talents, where nothing else matters and time fades away. We believe people make the world go round and our processes are interactive and fun, concentrating on people issues and people skills, for example:-

Specialist Thinking Styles
Personal development and awareness
Developing your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Giving your stress wings
Taking the sting out of conflict
Making your clients smile
Creating a cohesive culture in your business
Lateral job design, creating effective teams
Effective communication skills
Out-of-the-box: Creative thinking skills
Eagle-eyed vision: Executive team workshops

Flowcus aims to be a catalyst for meaningful, sustainable change within individuals, teams and organisations. We concentrate our efforts towards ensuring that the changes and developments that you want to see not only happen, but last.


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