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Katsuhiko Miyamoto, known affectionately as Miya, has been a chef for over three decades.

Twenty four years ago he was given the opportunity to travel to South Africa to work in a Japanese restaurant that was in need of an authentic Japanese chef.

He accepted the offer because he wanted to experience a country with diverse cultures while still being able to practice his specialised craft. Miya embarked on a journey to delight South Africa with his exotic culinary talents.

This exciting and innovative chef was offered numerous jobs working in different Japanese restaurants and he began to make a name for himself. Loyal patrons would follow Miya when he changed restaurants because they wanted his tempura and sushi.

Miya remained faithful to the Japanese community in South Africa by catering for various Japanese companies who also preferred his sushi to that of other chefs.

Miya believes there are many different criteria to being a sushi chef. An important consideration is the person eating the sushi, Miya explains. The challenge is not to fill the stomach but rather to appeal aesthetically and then to satisfy the palate with the taste sensation of sushi. The successful sushi chef wants to please his customer in a physical, mental and psychological way.

What makes Miya so successful is that his focus is on pleasing the individual.

He attended a Chefs School in Japan where he learned French cuisine (he loved the attractive way the French served Nouveau Cuisine, as well the complexity and fine tastes of the food). From there he learned Japanese cooking which included the art of sushi-making. After Chef School, a Japanese restaurant employed Miya and it was here that he put into practice the techniques he had learned. This included the art of how to make sushi and how to please the customer.


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