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Who is Barbara Barbieri t/a Biebie Productions
This is a company which specializes solely in training new-comers, young or established artists in film and theatre acting, vocal production for voice-overs in commercials/radio/corporate/ring tones the list is endless, and radio/television presenting; and placement in this industry. I also cater to the general public who are looking to understand how to communicate better in public and in the work place.

How will Biebie Productions benefit you?

The Vocal Production Course(a.k.a Voice Over Course; Elocution Course; Accent Reduction) corrects your speech, thus eliminating any speech impediments, making you a candidate for radio/television presenting, animated film and voice overs for film/radio/commercials: you can be looking at anything from +/- R500-R1200 per script (negotionable upon, length, content etc), bearing in mind you get between 10-20 scripts a month, you are looking at a feasible amount of money.

This course caters all ages, races whether in the private, corporate or public sector.
The Corporate Vocal Development and Personal Development Course was developed primarily for the staff (Marketing, Human Resources, Managers etc) in the corporate sector.

Once the Intermediate Course Training begins you will understand the basics which encompass film acting. Thereafter, if you want to refine your acting skills even more the Masters Course will help you.

Then if your interest sways towards Theatre, I would recommend the Trinity Guildhall Examinations which are excellent, considering Orlando Bloom studied through them! When you partake in this course, you will be examined by overseas examiners, which gives you productive feedback. You will also take part in theatrical productions which I have in production, and go for auditions with other institutions, who are also producing plays all for the experience and gaining credits.

You will also be encouraged to write and produce your own material, which as an actor is a vital talent to utilize.

My main reason for devising these courses is the fact that I wanted to refine and highlight what actors today are utilizing most when acting, both for film, television and theatre. From all my years of study and working in the field I have found THAT with careful observation a pattern emerge and these are the skills which I focus on. This process has been feasible, because my students are being featured in local/overseas films, television soaps, commercials; presenting on television and radio.

The voice of an actor/civilian is a very important tool to develop, as this is your primary means of communication and therefore needs to be in peak condition. Yet I find very few people that have well rounded, developed voices. The course I have devised works on developing your vocal quality, using a drama based perspective, thus making it credible for all genres within the film industry and the corporate sector. Your voice is another aspect of your product which you can use in generating an income, either for yourself or your business. I also correct ANY speech impediments, such as, stuttering, mumbling, cleft palates, nasality, tone faults ect. When you complete the voice-over course you will go onto my database and be introduced to both overseas clients and local clients.
Pertaining to the Feminization Course there is nobody providing this unique service in South Africa. This service is for all transgenders who are in the transitioning phase. It is a one on one session where I mould your voice to establish a more feminine quality, by covering all areas of the voice.


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