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General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, U.K.


A Comprehensive Training in Hypnotherapy

The National School of Therapeutic Hypnosis was formed to give its students a well rounded and comprehensive training in Hypnotherapy. As one of the founders I found myself in a very common position. I had qualified in a career after leaving school that did not suit who I was. Day after day going to work seemed to be draining me more and more. I wasnt happy and it was affecting every area of my life.

I had always been the person people would come to when they needed advice and here I was in my own predicament. How do I go about changing careers at this point in my life?

I looked at the possible choices that might suit me in a new career. I loved working with people and helping them through listening and giving advice where I could. So I thought of Psychology or Counseling.

Well, I certainly didnt have the time or finances to pursue the seven or eight years of study that it would have taken to become a Psychologist. So I started researching counseling courses and career possibilities. What I found didnt give me much hope. The courses seemed long and didnt really offer what I wanted. I also became aware of the poor income associated with so many of those who ended up working in the counseling field. It just didnt seem like a great career move for me.

Thats when I discovered Hypnotherapy.


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