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At Jabezz Arts studio we are passionate about Mosaics. Each of our mosaic artworks is unique and it is our sincere wish that you get as much pleasure and joy from these pieces as we experienced in making them.

As an art form, mosaic is diverse, robust and functional, permitting the use of a wide range of relatively simple materials and techniques to create lasting and useful works of art.

Mosaic is also very addictive, primarily because it successfully marries creativity with a relaxing and therapeutic activity. Daily stresses and routines are quickly forgotten once you become focused on creating your artwork. The hours seem to fly by and, before you realize it, the class is finished, you are relaxed and you have created a unique piece of art.

Perhaps the greatest satisfaction I get from doing Mosaic and transferring skills to others is the amazing creative variety, which inevitably results when people sit around a table and start creating their Mosaic artwork. Each artwork is just so different from the next.

Im a firm believer in the philosophy of expressing individuality when it comes to art creation and the materials and techniques you adopt. Just about any medium/material can be incorporated in the making of Mosaics. If youd like to combine glass and porcelain tiles then so be it. There are a few basic rules when it comes to the use of colour, but when creating artwork, the artist should have complete artistic freedom to express themselves as they see fit.

The greatest attraction of Mosaic however is that any person can do it even if you think of yourself of someone who possesses no artistic skills. Children as young as five can readily create their own masterpieces with only a little instruction and patience. Try a Mosaic class and you will be pleasantly surprised by your latent talent.

The name Jabezz was adopted from the Jabez Prayer in the Bible and its my firm belief that when you have faith and believe in possibilities, God will make them happen.

Believe in yourself. Be creative. Its easy!


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