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C.I.D.E.S.C.O. International (Zurich) Comite International DEstheique et de Cosmetologie was founded in 1946 to further the professional competence and integrity of the Beauty Therapist and Make-up Artist as well as developing a closer liaison with the medical professional bodies with whom the Beauty specialist and Make-up Artist now works. It affords constant contact internationally to maintain world, wide standards of knowledge and techniques. CIDESCO is now recognised in 32 countries worldwide and has over 130 schools around the world teaching to the International acclaimed CIDESCO standards.

I.T.E.C (UK) Independent Therapy Examination Council founded in 1947 and provides an independent professional examination system covering all aspects of Beauty Therapy and Make-up Artistry whose examinations would be widely recognised. All I.T.E.C Schools have to conform to a rigid set of rules and ethics governing standards of equipment, teaching and training.

City and Guilds of London is the leading assessment and awarding body in the United Kingdom and offers work-related qualifications across all areas of the industry. City and Guilds International (A part of City and Guilds London) was established specifically to serve the international schools and offers Certificates and Diplomas internationally recognized by educators and employee alike. Their combined expertise makes them the largest and most well respected international awarding body. Their President, The Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh and incorporated by Royal charter founded 1878.


The Face to Face Beauty and Make-up School was started 35 years ago and was the first Beauty and make-up design school in South Africa. Face to Face Beauty and Make-up Design School has been privately owned by the same family for 35 years and is renowneds as the most exclusive school in South Africa and is presently recognised by all international Awarding bodies. The Make-up Artistry School is under the direction of Shirley Wenman who started the school and is one of five in the world today.

The Beauty Therapy School is under the direction of Nicole Manthe, her daughter who trained in Germany and the United Kingdom, she has brought back the most up to date technology in Beauty Therapy as well as the post graduate training in Colon Therapy and specialised treatments, for Spa Management and other therapeutic treatments.

A visit to the college will show you the high staff/pupil ratio and one of the most equipped schools in the world today. The staff at the School is the most qualified in the country and the most up to date in techniques and teaching skills in the industry.


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