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Merle Naidoo


Training and Development Manager


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Tourvest Holdings PTY. LTD is southern Africas largest tourism group, operating businesses which range from travel agencies to souvenir shops and foreign exchange bureaux.

Tourvest Restaurants is but one subsidiary of Tourvest Holdings PTY LTD. Tourvest Restaurants Training Academy has been established in response to the critical need in the Hospitality Industry for suitably qualified and experienced staff. As the holding company for a group of restaurants, Tourvest Restaurants has come to realize that well trained, fully competent Hospitality employees are very difficult to find and retain. It is with this need in mind that the idea for Tourvest Restaurants Training Academy was born.

Our key objective is to provide the industry with well rounded graduates who are totally competent in all areas in the workplace. These graduates will be able to meet the exacting standards, intense pressure and overwhelming passion which signify this Industry and make it such a wonderful sector to develop a career in.


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